Up Your Verb Game With These 4 Tips and Examples

You learned a skill in grade school that can set your content apart today. Verbs can make all the difference in your sentences. That lesson learned in elementary school will let your content stand out in the proliferation of boring, weak, and ineffective language. By slashing through those wasted, wimpy verbs, your content will pack … Read more

Automated AI-Generated Content Can Ruin Everything

“Marketers ruin everything.” Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk often gets credited for that wisdom he shared in a 2013 speech and repeated in the years following. The trope explains how any new, interesting, innovative technology or experience is usually ruined by marketers exploiting it to sell more products. CMI’s chief strategy advisor Robert Rose has some thoughts … Read more

3 Agile Fixes To Keep Your Marketing Operations Humming

Marketing processes act like your car’s engine. If you neglect them long enough, they sputter and eventually stop running. You don’t think about how you work as long as marketing efforts progress. Unspoken rules and unwritten assumptions govern how things are done. Sometimes, the proverbial check-engine light comes on. You stop for a minute, make … Read more