Google introduces Ads Data Hub for Marketers and Measurement Partners

Google’s Ads Data Hub helps advertisers do customized analyzes for their business objectives while maintaining user privacy. Because marketers and measurement partners have different needs, Google has created two different solutions: Ads data Hub for Marketers and Ads Data Hub for Measurement Partners. Ads Data Hub for Marketers The Ads Data Hub for Marketers is … Read more

Bing introduces travel-focused results pages and a travel planning hub

Microsoft Bing has introduced a new travel search experience, the company announced on Friday. The new experience consists of travel-focused search results pages for travel destinations as well as a new travel planning and booking hub known simply as the Travel Guide. Why we care. Search engines have been expanding their travel offers for years … Read more

Google Search introduces advanced autocomplete with second column

Google has officially launched new advanced auto-complete search suggestions that can include a second column of predictions and provide easier access to content related to a search, a Google spokesperson confirmed to Search Engine Land. In addition, Google has confirmed that it is also testing a new edge-to-edge autocomplete interface and other full-width elements in … Read more