new initiative by Microsoft and Yandex to submit content to search engines

IndexNow – new initiative from Microsoft and Yandex to submit content to search engines Your privacy means the world to us. We will only pass on your personal data if you expressly allow us to do so and if you confirm each time that we have your permission. Further information can be found in our … Read more

Drop great anchor text to keep your SEO strategy afloat

Anchors on boats prevent the ships from swimming away. Anchors in your content keep Google (and your readers) from floating away. As Google crawls your website, it looks for anchor text. Well done, this content signals relevance and authority. Done poorly, it can sink your content in the eyes of Google (and the readers). Done … Read more

How SEO Experts and Agencies Win New Business [Survey Results]

Where can you find new SEO business opportunities and customers? Maintaining a steady stream of leads and inquiries to keep your pipeline steady is essential to the growth and success of your SEO agency and / or career. In our current State of SEO survey, Search Engine Journal gathered insights from 2,830 SEO professionals with … Read more