Everything you need to know

Justifications are snippets of text that Google shows in the local pack to help users “justify” why the business is showing up for their search query. There are a variety of types of justifications. The type you see highlighted in the local pack varies based on a user’s search query. This guide will help you … Read more

The right approach to multilingual marketing strategy

“The customer is always right.” That business mantra highlights the importance of empathy and understanding the customer’s point of view. It isn’t just an emotional sentiment. However, the translated version of that phrase doesn’t have the same impact or meaning in different languages ​​and cultures. For example, in France, they say “Le client n’a jamais … Read more

Google Business Profiles new emergency help attributes for Ukraine support

Google Business Profiles is rolling out a new business attribute under a new category called “emergency help” where you can say if your business or organization accepts donations, employs refugees, needs volunteers or offers free products or services. What it looks like. Here is a Screenshot from Krystal Taing on Twitter of the new attributes: … Read more