Look outside of your team for great content marketing

Outside voices can improve your content marketing. British soccer star Marcus Rashford, for example, is helping Aldi UK to spread the holiday mood. Gen Z’s UGC makes Abercrombie & Fitch a hit on TikTok. And a new study from Semrush shows one way to get better content from outsourced talent. Aldi UK makes Christmas great … Read more

Drop great anchor text to keep your SEO strategy afloat

Anchors on boats prevent the ships from swimming away. Anchors in your content keep Google (and your readers) from floating away. As Google crawls your website, it looks for anchor text. Well done, this content signals relevance and authority. Done poorly, it can sink your content in the eyes of Google (and the readers). Done … Read more

Turn your data into great graphs with these resources, tips, and tools

I like to call 2020 the year of the dates, namely. With the ugly development of COVID-19 and the preparations for the November elections, we have all been exposed to a huge amount of data-driven research … and the wonderfully creative way journalists and bloggers visualized those insights. For content marketers who have access to … Read more