Change Is Good Even When You Don’t Achieve the Desired Results [Rose-Colored Glasses]

Does anyone care about incremental change? In my consulting practice, I see one challenge again and again at businesses large and small: Incremental improvements fail to excite people enough to motivate change. When a content process is suboptimal but not so broken as to undermine success, the anticipated pain of changing feels greater than the … Read more

Head Of Instagram Admits Redesign Is ‘Not Yet Good’

Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri says the app’s full-screen redesign is “not yet good” and speaks to the growing amount of recommended content in people’s feeds. This is stated in a video Mosseri shared on Twitter this week, where he addresses users’ frustrations with recent Instagram changes. In addition to recommending more content from people … Read more

How To Find Good Writers and Help Them Craft Great Content [Checklist]

Updated June 16, 2022 When you finish this article, you will leave entirely and utterly convinced. That’s every writer’s hope, right? Yet, a great deal of writing fails to convince anyone of anything because it’s poorly written, and that carries a tremendous cost. Some rather dated studies put that cost around $400 billion. I imagine … Read more