3 Email Design Trends for Content Marketers to Use in 2022

Marketers are anticipating another busy year with customers at the forefront. So, of course, email remains a primary engagement tool in their arsenal. However, given that 40% of marketers have reported budget cuts for their email strategy during the pandemic, it will not be an easy task. This is exactly why impeccable email design will … Read more

7 Insights to Improve Your Content Marketing SEO in 2022

With consumer behavior evolving and the sheer volume of content being produced, content marketers cannot rely solely on historical SEO performance data as indicators of future success. Google’s mission hasn’t changed – it just wants to provide the best answer for every query. However, its ability to provide the best answer has evolved so it … Read more

This is how you increase the click rate from your organic search rankings

Gaining visibility in Google search results is one thing, but getting your target audience to click on your ranking is another. How do you improve the clickability of your SERP results? Improve your meta tags. The relationship between the two is inextricably linked. They have great rankings on @Google, but that doesn’t matter if searchers … Read more