How To Avoid Going Down Google’s Instant Answer Search Trap

Editor’s note: This week, we’re giving everyone a taste of Content Marketing World 2022 by featuring recaps of articles filled with insights from this year’s speakers. For years, marketers claimed victory when their page made it to the first organic listing or even a first page ranking on a Google search results page. Now zero-click … Read more

Why Your SEO Strategy May Be the Ticket To Weather an Economic Downturn

While some analysts predict a downturn in the economy, two facts are predictable: Consumers will still use search engines and executives will make kneejerk reactions to splash spending. I speak daily with Fortune 500 brands refocusing efforts and budgets from expensive paid advertising and doubling down on SEO. They see good SEO practices not only … Read more

5 Brands See Big Value in Multi-Trillion Dollar Influencer Marketing Industry

Brands often use celebrities in their Super Bowl ads because they want to connect their products or services to the fans and followers of these high-profile people. They’re willing to pay $6.5 million for 30 seconds for an ad to make that connection. Paid influencer marketing can do something similar for B2C and B2B brands … Read more