Should Brands Follow Ethical Guidelines for AI Use?

AI’s pending disruption of the worlds of content and marketing continues to make headlines. But this week, some ethics-focused news and an intriguing survey of marketers on the subject grabbed our attention. The PR Council issued guidelines on the ethical uses of generative AI based on the group’s existing code of ethics and principles. The … Read more

6 Ways Brands Can Land on the Instagram Explore Page

You’ve probably spotted the magnifying glass on Instagram before — that’s Instagram’s Explore Page. The feature allows users to discover new content and accounts to follow. Instagram uses this space to curate content including photos, videos, reels, and stories based on a person’s activity on Instagram. Instagram uses an algorithm that goes through accounts people … Read more

Are Brands Investing in Social Media Communities in 2023? We Asked 1,200+ Marketers

The ultimate goal of social media marketing is to generate revenue, and a crucial step to generating revenue via social media is creating engagement. If your followers don’t engage with your posts, they won’t engage with your business. And one sure way to boost engagement is by fostering a tight-knit social media community. Social media … Read more