Two Search Experts Discuss Blogging About SEO [Podcast]

A Candid Conversation On The Latest Trends, Industry News, And More When two long-time search experts and SEO news giants come together, really interesting things happen. From the latest trends and strategies to industry news and best practices, these two have seen a lot. And today, they sat down to talk about it. Barry Schwartz, … Read more

6 Steps To Help Content Marketers Thrive With AI Tools

Content marketers spend a lot of time pondering the question, “Will copywriters be replaced by AI?” They often conclude writers don’t need to worry. But you would benefit more if you asked a different question: “How can content writers work in a world that includes AI-created content?” Take steps today to ensure your work and … Read more

How To Vet External Content Sources

They’ve been in my life for over 10 years. For most of that time, they gave me what I wanted. It wasn’t perfect, but no relationship ever is. Then, those imperfections cropped up more often. The community of sources on HARO no longer gave me what I needed. I wondered if it was me. What … Read more