Copywriting vs. Content Writing: Differences & Similarities

Writing is the lifeblood of most online businesses. Whether that’s blog articles, landing page copy, or product descriptions, the written word is necessary to attract and convert readers. But there are two types of writers you can become (or hire): A content writer or a copywriter. What are the differences between these two crafts? Which … Read more

7 Formulas for Writing Introductions That Convert Scanners Into Readers

Readers pay attention to only about 20% of the words on a web page. They prefer to skim tables of content and subheads. They want to know if your content is worth their time and effort. Add to that the mere seconds you have to grab and hold readers’ interest, and the battle for the … Read more

Writing Is Writing, Right? Not If You Want To Keep Your Content Creation Team

“It’s time to make the donuts.” This phrase from a 1981 Dunkin’ Donuts ad campaign has become part of our workplace culture. People use it to talk about preparing to do something repetitive, grueling, or meaningless. But that’s a misreading of the original message. The ad featured Fred the Baker, who woke up very early … Read more