Google Search Console adds CNAME DNS verification

Google announced this morning that there is a new way to verify your site and property in Google Search Console. You can now use DNS CNAME verification in Google Search Console, the search company announced on Twitter. How it works. In Google Search Console, when you add a new property, Google lets you verify your … Read more

Google removes language in help doc calling hidden Search Console query data ‘very rare’

A recent study from Patrick Stox, Ahref’s product advisor, showed that nearly half of all clicks reported in Google Search Console had hidden or anonymized queries. When looking at some individual sites, we saw some sites only had 15% of queries reported in Google Search Console, but on average, the Ahrefs study showed Google hid … Read more

Google Search Console notices for removing intrusive interstitials

Google seems to be sending out notices through Google Search Console for sites that have intrusive interstitials. The notice tells the site owner to remove those intrusive interstitials in order to “improve page experience” for your site. What the email says. We spotted a copy of the subject line of the email in the Google … Read more