Core Web Vitals scores improving for top-ranked sites

Organizations have been investing resources into improving their Core Web Vitals scores, according to new research. Enterprise SEO platform BrightEdge has compared the top rankings for 500 keywords, from this year to last, in four markets: education, B2B technology, finance and retail. Core Web Vitals, one year later. It’s been just over a year since … Read more

At Least 66.5% of Links to Sites in the Last 9 Years Are Dead (Ahrefs Study on Link Rot)

The web is constantly changing, and pages get removed or redirected. This makes links to these pages go to a broken page or possibly a page that’s not like the original. This phenomenon is called link rot. Since January 2013, 66.5% of the links pointing to the 2,062,173 websites we sampled have rotted. We found … Read more

Why Do Aggregator Sites Outperform The Original Source On Google?

This week’s Ask An SEO question comes from Abhinav in New Delhi, who writes: “How can article aggregator sites outperform the original source? Google has various guidelines on aggregator copy not performing well, and much is said of not showing duplicate content across the web. Yet RSS aggregator sites URLs are indexed, even knowing it’s … Read more