WordPress Gutenberg 13.8 Offers Greater Editing Flexibility

WordPress Gutenberg 13.8 is here, unpacking further incremental improvements to the Gutenberg block editor. Some of the improvements are relatively trivial additions, like adding a WhatsApp icon to the Social Icon Block. But others are more important because they give template designers the ability to provide more design options for their users. Chief among these … Read more

Vulnerability Found In WordPress Gutenberg Plugin?

The United States government’s National Vulnerability Database published a notification of a vulnerability discovered in the official WordPress Gutenberg plugin. But according to the person who found it, WordPress is said to have not acknowledged it’s a vulnerability. Stored Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerability XSS is a type of vulnerability that happens when someone can upload … Read more

WordPress Releases Gutenberg 13.7 – Focused on Workflow and Better UI

WordPress unveiled Gutenberg 13.7 which contains numerous refinements that improve the workflow, provide more granular control within the full site editor, and numerous improvements to the user interface. Like any other release from WordPress, this is a cumulative update and not a whole new experience. That said, the editing experience should feel more intuitive and … Read more