Look outside of your team for great content marketing

Outside voices can improve your content marketing. British soccer star Marcus Rashford, for example, is helping Aldi UK to spread the holiday mood. Gen Z’s UGC makes Abercrombie & Fitch a hit on TikTok. And a new study from Semrush shows one way to get better content from outsourced talent. Aldi UK makes Christmas great … Read more

Why visual storytelling requires more than just pictures

Visual stories have structure. You have a beginning, a middle and an end. It’s about people – or at least humanistic souls – and they argue for a subject, a moral, or a point by sticking to that structure. Visual storytelling does not use an image of a diamond ring with the slogan A Diamond … Read more

3 hot takes: bring joy to faces, feathers in steps and butts in bucket seats

Walmart wants to spark joy that is written on its customers’ faces. Xero Shoes is putting its minimalism message on a solid foundation, and a RV company is upgrading its content to enable local adventure. Read our hot takes. Continue reading → The post 3 Hot Takes: Putting Joy on Faces, Springs in Steps and … Read more