10 Content Marketing Articles Readers (Like You) Loved This Year

How many of the 249+ blog articles published by CMI in 2021 have you read? As I read everyone (it’s my job), I appreciate that very few others have. I get that – we are bombarded with content every day. So that everyone gets the highlights, I’ve put together the 10 most popular posts of … Read more

5 memories of the Beatles’ creativity: get back

Like millions of people, I sat spellbound in front of my screen for Peter Jackson’s nearly nine-hour three-part documentary The Beatles: Get Back. The series consists of more than 60 hours of video and 156 hours of audio, originally recorded by director Michael Lindsay-Hogg. The team behind the Disney + show spent years editing the … Read more

Why a content formula isn’t lazy – it’s a “trademark” of the Bingeable series

Imagine 31 films, all of which have very similar plots. Some have the same lead actor (with a different character name and job). Performers appear in supporting roles across the cast. And each debut takes place on the same cable channel for two months. This repetition sounds like a formula for failure, doesn’t it? Not … Read more