8 Types Of Remarketing To Consider

Remarketing has become ubiquitous across the web, as users frequently gripe about endless ads chasing them around the web after viewing a product once. Yet, when used correctly, remarketing continues to be an effective tool in the box for paid media marketers across the spectrum of industries. If you’ve tried remarketing and haven’t seen a … Read more

Most “types” of content marketing are nonsense. Here are 5 that really make sense

Here are some popular “types” of content marketing: Blogs Videos Podcasts Emails Infographics Webinars Case studies presentations eBooks White papers references Foil decks quiz tool You can find these on pretty much every list of content marketing types that comes up on Google. But the truth is that none these are types of content marketing. … Read more

8 types of names to avoid

Your company name is one of the first impressions new customers have of your company. It’s your first chance to excite and intrigue them as well as communicate the core value of the product or service you are selling. And based on how quickly people judge brands over the long term, your company name is … Read more