5 Ways Social Media Pros Are Safely Using AI Right Now

This post was sponsored by Iconosquare. The opinions expressed in this article are the sponsor’s own. Does social media management sometimes feel like 15 jobs rolled into one? We know, the business of social media involves a lot of plate spinning. There’s strategy development, content creation, data analysis, copywriting, customer service, community engagement, client communications, … Read more

Social media engagement hits a new low, except for TikTok

Social media as we’ve known it seems to be in its dying days – with one notable exception, Tiktok. That’s according to a new social media engagement rate benchmark report. TLDR. There are five important takeaways for brands from the 2023 Social Media Benchmark Report, which was released today by Rival IQ: Organic engagement: falling … Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Using AI for Social Media Scheduling

Earlier today, we released something major… the Buffer AI Assistant. A brand new feature, available to every Buffer user (on both free and paid users) that supports your social media management. It makes publishing and scheduling posts faster by suggesting post ideas or even writing posts for you. It helps you elevate your content by … Read more