7+ Skills Every Content Marketer Needs To Be Great

Content marketing’s importance rose again in 2022. Nearly three-quarters (71%) of content marketers say content marketing has become more important to their organization in the last year, according to the latest Content Marketing Institute research. That means companies will need to hire and train content marketers for the foreseeable future. “There’s a greater emphasis now … Read more

13 essential SEO skills you need to succeed

What is the greatest skill in SEO? If you believe this tweetit’s patience. Although patience is a great answer, I would never say there is a “greatest” SEO skill. Why? Because SEO requires various hard skills (things you can learn or be taught) and soft skills (how you work and interact with others) to succeed. … Read more

Content Skills or Subject Matter Expertise?

Whenever I hear someone use the term SME (pronounced “smee”) for subject matter expert, I imagine a Dr. Seuss-like character and accompanying verse: On the 25thth day of March, in the jungle of sales,In the pall of the calls, the in of the bound,Hey yelled, “Data! Information!” and other leadership sounds.Then the SME stopped and … Read more