Twitter testing Notes, a long-form content feature

Twitter is testing a new feature that would eliminate the constraints of its 280-character tweet limit and allow users to publish long-form tweets. Twitter confirmed the test via a tweet. When this will become available to all Twitter users? It’s unclear. Twitter noted: “We’re excited for the moment when everyone can use Notes, but for … Read more

Twitter Tests More Visible Alt Text

A visible “ALT” badge, and exposed image descriptions, are among the features Twitter is testing to improve image accessibility on mobile and desktop. In an announcement, Twitter states it’s testing the features with 3% of users across iOS, Android, and web browsers. Twitter is aiming to launch these features globally in the beginning of April, … Read more

Twitter Transparency Report Disclose Impact on Member Accounts

Twitter issued it’s six-month Transparency Report revealing what countries are making the most information requests, Twitter revealed facts about policing members for rule violations and a surprising trend in accounts that violated the rules. Twitter and the Right to Privacy One of the goals that Twitter stated was to protect the Open Internet. The Open … Read more