How to Schedule Youtube Shorts

YouTube joined the short-form video race with Shorts, its answer to the vertical video format popularized by TikTok. Now, creators are encouraged to publish short-form content, whether adapting their longer videos or creating exclusively shorter videos. Part of growing on any platform is figuring out ways to ease the content creation process so you can … Read more

YouTube has a new interface, and not everyone is excited about it

Following a significant overhaul last year, it appears that YouTube may be undertaking another visual transformation, this time targeting the video page, which has remained relatively unchanged in recent years. The change was noticed and posted on Twitter by @XenoPanther. The new design. At present, the web-based video page features a video window accompanied by … Read more

New YouTube Studio Podcast Support

Forget the never-ending conversations this week about Microsoft’s CoPilot, OpenAI’s launch of ChatGPT-4, and the US Copyright Office guidance for AI-created works. No, the buried news deserving your attention comes from a “big” announcement by YouTube. Get Robert Rose’s take in this week’s CMI News video, or keep reading for the highlights. Listen up on … Read more