Why Brands Should Prioritize Bottom Of Funnel Keywords In SEO

The concept of search intent and the recommendation that marketers pay close attention to it when targeting organic keywords is well established in SEO. But while a lot of SEO writing has described search intent (for example, these two excellent articles on SEJ on creating content that satisfies search intent and understanding how people search), … Read more

Have Brands Reduced Their Pride Month Marketing?

This year, the reaction to Pride month celebrations of the LGBTQ community seems particularly heated. Some media claim brands have pulled back their public support, noting the perceived retreat by Budweiser and Target in response to protests and threats from small but vocal groups. But have brands diminished their Pride month marketing? CMI’s chief strategy … Read more

Should Brands Follow Ethical Guidelines for AI Use?

AI’s pending disruption of the worlds of content and marketing continues to make headlines. But this week, some ethics-focused news and an intriguing survey of marketers on the subject grabbed our attention. The PR Council issued guidelines on the ethical uses of generative AI based on the group’s existing code of ethics and principles. The … Read more