Why Brands Should Prioritize Bottom Of Funnel Keywords In SEO

The concept of search intent and the recommendation that marketers pay close attention to it when targeting organic keywords is well established in SEO. But while a lot of SEO writing has described search intent (for example, these two excellent articles on SEJ on creating content that satisfies search intent and understanding how people search), … Read more

New test adds links to keywords

YouTube is testing a new feature that could help brands and creators engage with viewers while causing minimal disruption. YouTube will enable hyperlinking over single words or phrases in the comments section for the first time. Links will direct viewers to a YouTube search results page while still playing the video they were originally watching. … Read more

How to prioritize SEO keywords for content creation

When it comes to SEO, there is always something to do. It’s easy to get sidetracked by the next shiny thing instead of focusing on the tasks that will move the needle for the business. Having hundreds, thousands, or even millions of potential keywords worth targeting is overwhelming. You need to prioritize SEO keywords and … Read more