Automated AI-Generated Content Can Ruin Everything

“Marketers ruin everything.” Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk often gets credited for that wisdom he shared in a 2013 speech and repeated in the years following. The trope explains how any new, interesting, innovative technology or experience is usually ruined by marketers exploiting it to sell more products. CMI’s chief strategy advisor Robert Rose has some thoughts … Read more

Audiences Don’t Care If AI Created Your Content

Who cares who created the content? Sure, the person who wrote, recorded, or produced it cares. And probably, their parents do, too (if my personal experience is any indicator.) And maybe, if the person is a known expert or celebrity in their field, the publisher cares because their involvement will draw more attention. But for … Read more

4 ContentTECH Takeaways for a Better Tech Strategy

This week, content marketing talk turned to all things marketing tech – digital asset management, content management, operations, video, generative AI, and more – as thousands gathered virtually for the annual ContentTECH Summit. (Don’t worry if you missed it, you can still register to watch it on-demand.) CMI’s chief strategy advisor Robert Rose shared some … Read more