Audiences Don’t Care If AI Created Your Content

Who cares who created the content? Sure, the person who wrote, recorded, or produced it cares. And probably, their parents do, too (if my personal experience is any indicator.) And maybe, if the person is a known expert or celebrity in their field, the publisher cares because their involvement will draw more attention. But for … Read more

5 Best Practices in Content Marketing That Leave Audiences Behind

Almost everybody loves best practices. They let you learn what’s worked for someone else. They save you time because you don’t have to do research to understand the best way to proceed. But many people erroneously equate “best” with “infallible” or “in every circumstance.” That’s not the best thinking for best practices. But some best … Read more

Russia-based advertisers can no longer reach global audiences on Google properties and networks

Google will pause ads on its properties and networks globally for advertisers based in Russia, the company announced Thursday. This means that advertisers based in Russia can not run Google ads targeting Russia-based users or anywhere else in the world. Escalating ads suspensions. Google first began imposing ad suspensions on February 27. The initial round … Read more