Social Media Campaigns: Jumpstart Your Content Strategy

The most fun and engaging social media posts take time and creativity — the former being something that small business owners are notoriously short on. But, when you consider 89% of people buy from a brand’s website after following them on social media, it’s clear you need to prioritize social content creation. When top content … Read more

Are Brand Mentions Important to Google’s Algorithm?

Google’s John Mueller was asked if “unlinked brand mentions” were important in Google’s algorithm. It was apparent from John’s response that “brand mentions” is probably not a real thing in Google’s algorithm, but he also said that there may be value to site visitors who encounter them. Brand mentions There is a longstanding idea in … Read more

Your Content Analytics Are Meaningless Unless You Have This [Rose-Colored Glasses]

If we can measure it, it must be important. So, is our job to just determine how accurately we can get that number? Not at all. If any measurement is to mean anything, the first task is to agree on what equals success. It’s one of the unspoken secrets in all of marketing measurement. Agreement … Read more