Don’t Let Economic Predictions Stop Your Marketing

Halfway through 2023 and marketers are in a reflective mood. What should your focus be for the second half of the year? From a market perspective, the economy presents a frustrating challenge as job growth seems strong coming into summer. But some economists still predict economic headwinds in the fall, while many say those headwinds … Read more

3 Agile Fixes To Keep Your Marketing Operations Humming

Marketing processes act like your car’s engine. If you neglect them long enough, they sputter and eventually stop running. You don’t think about how you work as long as marketing efforts progress. Unspoken rules and unwritten assumptions govern how things are done. Sometimes, the proverbial check-engine light comes on. You stop for a minute, make … Read more

Have Brands Reduced Their Pride Month Marketing?

This year, the reaction to Pride month celebrations of the LGBTQ community seems particularly heated. Some media claim brands have pulled back their public support, noting the perceived retreat by Budweiser and Target in response to protests and threats from small but vocal groups. But have brands diminished their Pride month marketing? CMI’s chief strategy … Read more