Google Optimize wants sunset this year

Google Optimize and Optimize 360 ​​will no longer be available after September 30, 2023. Your experiments and personalizations can continue to run until that date. Why we care. The discontinuation of Optimize may affect marketers ability to conduct A/B testing and optimize their website or app’s user experience. While Google Analytics 4 is gaining popularity, … Read more

10 Content Marketing Articles Readers (Like You) Loved This Year

CMI published over 249 articles about all aspects of content marketing in 2022. I bet very few of you read every one of them. (I understand – you have a lot of things to do.) Since it’s my job, I read every article and check the performance analytics. So I put together the 10 most … Read more

‘Twas the Night Before Break – 2022 Content Year in Review

Editor’s note: And now, for our last post of the year, something completely different. ‘Twas the night before break, Elon was high,Content marketers worried they’d be replaced by AI. Inflation persisted, economic signals unclear,And all hoped that more layoffs wouldn’t appear soon. All content practitioners climbed into their beds,While visions of first-party data danced in … Read more