10 Content Marketing Articles Readers (Like You) Loved This Year

CMI published over 249 articles about all aspects of content marketing in 2022.

I bet very few of you read every one of them. (I understand – you have a lot of things to do.)

Since it’s my job, I read every article and check the performance analytics. So I put together the 10 most popular posts CMI published in 2022 to help you catch up on any you missed. I used data from BuzzSumo and Google Analytics, including social shares, email conversions, page views, unique linking domains, and a dose of editorial discretion to create the list.

Since I’m not big into rankings and more into managing schedules, I’ve listed the articles based on reading time (shortest to longest). I’ve also thrown in an honorable mention that’s quickly climbing in popularity.

All these articles include a ton of knowledge you can use right away. I hope you find these articles as helpful as I did.

Reading time: 5 mins

Author: Manick Bhan

Why read this: The reduce-reuse-recycle waste management model also works as a strategy for search-focused content. Follow Manick’s 3R approach to help you snip and prune the content weighing down your search rankings.

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Use the reduce-reuse-recycle waste management model as a #content audit strategy, says @MadManick via @BrandLoveLLC @CMIContent. #SEO Click To Tweet

Reading time: 8 mins

Author: Michael Brenner

Why read this: If you’re curious whether AI-generated content could replace human writers soon, you’ll need to read this. Michael shares the results of an experiment he ran to show why you shouldn’t believe the hype around AI-generated content – ​​and why you shouldn’t ignore its potential. Though the article predates the advances of (and the explosion of interest in) ChatGPT, his advice remains sound.

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#AI-generated #content lacks the necessary nuance for high-quality content, and @Google still says it’s spam, says @BrennerMichael via @BrandLoveLLC @CMIContent. Click To Tweet

Reading time: 9 mins

Author: Aleksandra Iakovleva

Why read this: A lot of B2B marketing happens on LinkedIn – so your posts face steep competition for attention. Aleksandra shares advice on how to optimize your brand’s presence to get the most from organic and paid efforts on the platform. Tips include how to make sure your content shows up in LinkedIn search results and paid opportunities, make the most of available analytics, when to use the different types of paid ads, and how to craft posts that resonate.

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8 in 10 #B2B marketers use @LinkedIn and 40% say it’s their No. 1 platform, according to @SMExaminer via Aleksandra Iakovleva of @VistaCreate and @CMIContent. Click To Tweet

Reading time: 8 mins

Author: Olesia Filipenko

What you’ll learn: Persuasive language is a powerful tool. Olesia explains how bringing science into the art of writing lets you better influence your audience and get them to take your preferred actions. She shares concrete, actionable ways to craft your marketing text to work with human psychology.

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Combine two rarely matched beneficial adjectives in headings, says @WritingBreeze via @CMIContent. Click To Tweet

Reading time: 9 mins

Author: Irwin Hau

What you’ll learn: Publishing the wrong content can take many forms, but the results are similar. At worst, it could seriously damage your brand. At best, your content will be ignored. Irwin rounds up 15 mistakes to avoid.

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#Content that seems to have a personality crisis is a major turnoff, says @IrwinHau via @BrandLoveLLC @CMIContent. #ContentMarketing Click To Tweet

Reading time: 11 mins

Author: Ann Gynn

Why read this: Simply showing up on social isn’t enough anymore. You need to engage on the right channels with the right content delivered the way your audience likes to engage. Ann curates these expert tips from Content Marketing World speakers. The advice encompasses over 25 tips to help update and refine your social media strategy.

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Post on the one or two primary #SocialMedia channels your audience uses the most. But listen across all channels, says @SFerika via @BrandLoveLLC and CMIContent Click To Tweet

Reading time: 11 mins

Author: Jodi Harris

Why read this: If getting better at video is on your content marketing to-do list for next year (and it probably should be), read Jodi’s post. She pulls together the best tips from an Ask the CMWorld Community interview with Andrew Davis, who shared his video creation process from start to finish. Jodi also rounds up his tech tips and tactical shortcuts to level up your content without maxing out your video budget.

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Screenwriting apps such as @ScrivenerApp or @WriterDuet provide more scripting templates, says @DrewDavisHere via @BrandLoveLLC and @CMIContent. Click To Tweet

Reading time: 11 mins

Author: Ann Gynn

Why read this: Only the most successful content marketers take the time to create a documented content strategy. But writing one doesn’t have to be complicated. Ann shares a six-step process to help you finally write down your strategy. You’ll end up with a one-page document you can use to keep everyone aware of and working toward the same end. Before you know it, you may even join the ranks of the most successful.

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Without a documented strategy, you’re like most #content marketers. Just not the successful ones, says @AnnGynn via @BrandLoveLLC and @CMIContent. Click To Tweet

Reading time: 13 mins

Author: Jodi Harris

Why read this: Take inspiration from these winning B2B and B2C content marketing examples Jodi curated from the e-book 35 Examples of Brands That Are Winning With Content (registration required). The article features companies that exceeded audience expectations – and their marketing goals – with novel content approaches and creative executions. And the e-book contains even more great examples.

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Asking influencers to co-create #content with your brand is a great way to sidestep authenticity questions, says @joderama via @BrandLoveLLC @CMIContent. Click To Tweet

Reading time: 16 mins

Author: Mike Murray

Why read this: Every content writer, whether creating for B2B or B2C audiences, faces writing challenges. Mike shares tips, tools, and resources to help with everything from creation to revision to publication and everything in between.

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Use the @webfx #ReadabilityTest tool to assess your #content, says @mikeonlinecoach via @BrandLoveLLC @CMIContent. #WritingTips Click To Tweet

Honorable Mention

Reading time: 10 mins

Author: Stephanie Stahl

What you’ll learn: Every year, the Content Marketing Institute releases the B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Insights report. This year, we asked an open-ended question: “If you could change one thing about content marketing in your organization, what would that be?” Stephanie shares what your peers said about their challenges, operations, teams, and success.

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If executives don’t understand the value of #ContentMarketing, it’s your job to step up and educate them, says @EditorStahl via @BrandLoveLLC @CMIContent. Click To Tweet

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We appreciate all the guest contributors who shared their knowledge with the Content Marketing Institute community in 2022.

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