Google Optimize wants sunset this year

Google Optimize and Optimize 360 ​​will no longer be available after September 30, 2023. Your experiments and personalizations can continue to run until that date.

Why we care. The discontinuation of Optimize may affect marketers ability to conduct A/B testing and optimize their website or app’s user experience.

While Google Analytics 4 is gaining popularity, marketers still haven’t adopted it fully. But this sunset announcement is another reason marketers need to familiarize themselves with the tools and features available in GA4, since Google is committed to moving A/B testing there.

Why Google is making this change. Google says they are discontinuing Optimize to better serve customers by investing in solutions that provide more robust A/B testing capabilities. In the announcement, they said that their focus is on providing effective user experience improvement tools through Google Analytics 4 and other integrations. They claim that despite being a long-standing product, Optimize does not meet the evolving needs and demands of their customers.

Marketers aren’t happy. Several marketers took to Twitter to express their feelings about the news.

Access your data. You can still access your data. Be sure to download it from the Optimize user interface before September 30.

Dig deeper. Read the full announcement from Google here.

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