AI generates article with ‘serious’ YMYL content issues

Men’s Journal is the latest publication to be called out for using AI to generate content that contained several “serious” errors. What happened. 18 specific errors were identified in the first AI-generated article published on Men’s Journal. It was titled “What All Men Should Know About Low Testosterone.” As Futurism reported: Like most AI-generated content, … Read more

Microsoft Bing drops anonymous sitemap submission due to spam issues

Microsoft Bing will no longer accept XML sitemaps that were submitted anonymously through HTTP requests, Fabrice Canel from Microsoft Bing announced today. The reason Bing will no longer allow anonymous sitemap submission is due to abuse by search spammers. How anonymous sitemap submission worked. Microsoft explained that since the inception of XML sitemaps with Bing, … Read more

Google Ads latency issues and error messages within advertiser console

Over the past few hours search marketers have been complaining about slowness, errors and other unexpected issues within the Google Ads advertiser console. Google has posted a status update just now confirming “affected users are able to access Google Ads” however they may be “seeing error messages, high latency, and/or other unexpected behavior.” The confirmation. … Read more