A PPC marketer’s guide to retail media

Most people know that Amazon, Walmart and Instacart have paid search placements on their websites. However, you may not know about their involvement in programmatic, display, social media and Google Shopping. It is crucial for PPC marketers to understand this because retail media (aka commerce media) is driving customers to retail sites that can transact … Read more

Social Media Freedom Of Speech: What Are The Limits?

Traditional media has often been characterized by its inaccessible barriers to entry. The costs associated with distributing content in major publications were, and still are, a prominent deterrent for parties looking to expose their messaging to a greater audience. It was the industrialization of print media that afforded an opportunity to reach the masses at … Read more

10 Social Media Strategies to Boost SEO

Often, social media and SEO conversations happen separately. Social media is meant for building relationships and engaging with your audience, while SEO seems more scientific, with specific keyword analyzes to attract as many eyes as possible. However, these two facets of inbound marketing can work together to amplify the results of each other. In this … Read more