Google adds 3 new content guidelines for Education Q&A structured data

Google has added a new Content Guidelines section to its help document on Education Q&A structured data. The new guidelines. Here are the new guidelines Google has added: Education Q&A pages must follow the same content guidelines for Q&A pages. Your page must contain education related questions and answers. There must be at least one … Read more

Google Updates Article Structured Data Guidelines

Google updated its Article structured data guidelines to reflect that they dropped the AMP requirement and changed the image guidelines for Top Stories eligibility. Three changes to the guidelines make it clear that eligibility for the stop stories section that can dominate the top of the search results became more accessible for more publishers. Structured … Read more

Google’s Preferred Structured Data: JSON-LD vs. Microdata

Google uses structured data to better understand what a webpage is about by classifying the topic, identifying important parts of the webpages like logos and images, and displaying webpages prominently at the top of the page. There are multiple kinds of structured data, but only one of them is preferred by Google, so it’s important … Read more