TikTok video descriptions now have a 2,200 character limit

TikTok video descriptions, once limited to 300 characters, have now been updated to 2,200 characters. What this means. The update was first noticed by social media consultant Matta Navarre on Twitter, who posted that the new character limit allowed users to express more details about their content, generate more engagement, and make their videos more … Read more

YouTube is testing new search and engagement insights for Creator Studio

YouTube has unveiled some new analytics options for Creator Studio that provides more data on what your audience is interested in, based on search and engagement activity, and also how those users are interacting with different topics on the app. Not new. The Search Insights tool was announced late last year and the first phase … Read more

Twitter now has podcasts

Twitter has now integrated podcasts into it’s recently redesigned Spaces tab. How does it work. The redesign of Spaces includes hubs where users can personalize audio content together by specific themes like News, Music, Sports, and more. The new design allows listeners to easily access more personalized sections of Spaces on topics they find relevant. … Read more