Driving ROAS outside of Google and Microsoft

Search is amazing – and there are compelling reasons why it is the cornerstone of all of our media plans: It’s extremely targeted, reaching exactly the people who are looking for our content, so they can be served with highly targeted ads. It’s highly transparent – you can see the exact performance metrics. It’s very … Read more

TikTok video descriptions now have a 2,200 character limit

TikTok video descriptions, once limited to 300 characters, have now been updated to 2,200 characters. What this means. The update was first noticed by social media consultant Matta Navarre on Twitter, who posted that the new character limit allowed users to express more details about their content, generate more engagement, and make their videos more … Read more

TikTok Pulse puts brands next to the top 4% of videos

TikTok has announced plans for a “contextual advertising solution” that will let advertisers get visibility next to the top 4% of content in TikTok’s For You feed. What is TikTok Pulse. This is TikTok’s first exploration of an advertising revenue share program with creators, public figures and media publishers, the company said. Ad revenue will … Read more