Facebook says that while hate speech falls on the platform, short posts get the most views

On Tuesday, Facebook released its transparency reports for the third quarter of 2021, including reports on the most viewed content and enforcement of community standards. The Widely Viewed Content Report shows a clear pattern in the top 20 most viewed posts and the Community Standards Enforcement Report shows that the prevalence of hate speech on Facebook has decreased for the fourth quarter in a row.

The 20 most viewed posts. As in the second quarter when Facebook published the first issue of its Widely Viewed Content Report, the top 20 posts made up around 0.1% of all US content views. “Our goal is to make our most viewed content transparent and to shed light on the fact that although a single piece of content can be viewed by a very large number of people, Facebook is so large that the content represents only a small fraction of the total views in the US news feed this quarter, ”the company said.

The three most viewed posts from the third quarter of 2021. Image: Facebook.

That being said, the top 20 posts all had a background or image with text and seem designed to get user reactions. They also seem great for short commenting and tagging other users. Eight of the top 20 posts came from a site called Thinkarete Lifestyle.

Hate speech has decreased quarter by quarter. In the third quarter, the report said there were three hate speech views for every 10,000 content views.

Image: Facebook.

On Instagram, that number was slightly lower as users saw hate speech twice for every 10,000 content views (0.02%); This is the first time the company has reported this metric for Instagram, so there is no historical data to compare it to.

Why we care. Knowing the types of content that is getting the most views can be useful for your social media campaigns, but marketers should still prioritize the types of content that will resonate the most with their target audience. And the trend to reduce hate speech on Facebook can make brands feel more secure by staying present on the platform.

These transparency reports are part of Facebook’s larger efforts to restore its reputation, including rebranding it to “Meta.” The platform has been criticized for years for its handling of misinformation and hate speech, and the adolescent users of the Facebook app are projected to decline 45% over the next two years, which could impact future revenue and reach of advertisers. Only time will tell if all of these efforts will revive the platform and add value to marketers.

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