Google expands support for third-party cookies, delays privacy sandbox

Google announced today that it will extend its support for third-party cookies until the end of 2023, adding more than a year to the marketer’s previous plan to block third-party cookies until 2022. The privacy sandbox initiatives will be postponed while further testing takes place. The goal of the privacy sandbox Google’s privacy sandbox initiatives … Read more

Google Rankings, Quality and Relevance; Daily letter from Wednesday

Search Engine Land’s Daily Briefing provides daily insights, news, tips, and essential wisdom for today’s search engine marketing. If you want to read this before the rest of the internet, Login here to get it in your inbox every day. Good morning marketers, with all of these ranking algorithm changes, I thought it would be … Read more

4 Tips to Better Manage Multiple SEO Projects Simultaneously At

Today’s “Ask SEO” question comes from Akshay from Ahmedabad who asks: “Do you have expert advice on managing multiple SEO projects on a daily basis? I would appreciate any tips or guidelines that help SEO professionals like me. “ The first thing that comes to my mind about this question is that it has a … Read more