B2C Marketers Treat Content Marketing as a Project; That’s a mistake [New Research]

In The End of Competitive Advantage, Rita Gunther McGrath illustrates all competitive advantages are transient. She contends everybody understands that. So why hasn’t basic strategy practice changed? As Rita writes: Most executives, even when they realize that competitive advantages are going to be ephemeral, are still using strategy frameworks and tools designed for achieving a … Read more

Why You Should Treat Content Marketing Like a Golf Game [Rose-Colored Glasses]

I don’t play golf. But one thing intrigues me about the game: The entire goal is to play the least. think about it The winner is the person who swings their clubs the fewest times. A smart content marketing approach should work in a similar way. My clients often tell me they feel the content … Read more

A viral (food) report, an “ugly” content gift, and an email treat

This week Instacart cracks the content jackpot with a new annual report. Adobe helps subscribers get ugly. And a small chocolate shop curates a newsletter that delivers sweet treats. Instacart provides data on food trends – and examines what the numbers mean for 2021 Are viral food trends jumping from social media platforms into the … Read more