9 Tasks That Save You Time & Money

A frustrating part of SEO is doing the same things over and over again, but that’s where automation comes in. SEO automation is the process of using software to perform repetitive SEO activities you previously did manually, saving you time to work on SEO strategy and execution. In this article, I will show you nine … Read more

4 technical SEO tasks that are critical to organic success

“Driving revenue and awareness from search relies on your website health — today’s success in organic search is about a lot more than just keywords and content,” said Shachar Radin Shomrat, CMO of Deepcrawl, in her presentation at The MarTech Conference. “It demands technically sound websites in today’s marketing landscape.” “Over a longer timeframe, the … Read more

How AI can automate SEO tasks at scale

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and neural networks are major buzzwords in the SEO community today. Marketers have highlighted the ability of these technologies to automate time-consuming tasks at scale, which can result in more successful campaigns. However, many professionals often have difficulty distinguishing between these concepts. “Artificial intelligence is essentially the term that defines the … Read more