8 Reasons (And How to Get Started)

No matter your line of work, people are searching for your business online. Let’s look at a few reasons why search engine optimization (SEO) is important. Reason 1. Organic search is the primary driver of website traffic Look at these SEO stats: 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search. 92.96% of global traffic … Read more

3 reasons why you need to embrace journey-centricity

To earn loyalty, marketers should avoid pitfalls and shift to a journey-centric culture to ensure everyone remains focused on creating a great experience that retains customers. The ability to focus on customer journeys and reorient your organization around customer journeys is a great unlock for companies needing help progressing with their customer experience scores and … Read more

SEO Is Never Truly Done, Here are 7 Reasons Why

You’ve established your initial web presence and have an SEO strategy in place. There’s some steady traffic, and you’re even picking up some leads. Your job’s done, right? Not quite. You see, it’s not that simple. Effective SEO is an ongoing process that takes consistent work. Even if you’ve hit your key milestones and you’re … Read more