How planning can fail [Rose-Colored Glasses]

An interesting question came up recently in a marketing group I follow on social media: “What content should we create?” The first few comments on the post were what you might suspect. Some people encouraged the poster to interview people who fit their personalities to find out what they’re struggling with. Others spoke of overcoming … Read more

Your audience doesn’t really care about “just the facts” anymore. [Rose-Colored Glasses]

Last week I spoke to a healthcare client whose team wanted to create a new customer experience using digital content. But they felt frustrated. Five years ago, with the help of some consultants from advertising agencies, they had the idea of ​​launching a digital platform that would allow easy access to facts. All they needed, … Read more

You could create a content strategy as you “fly” it — but here’s a better way [Rose-Colored Glasses]

Are you trying to build your plane while flying it? I don’t know where that phrase came from, but a 22-year-old ad campaign by Fallon for digital consultancy EDS helped popularize it. The hilarious TV and print ad showed people assembling an airliner in mid-air and testifying how much they love their job. The ad’s … Read more