How To Make Your Next Thought Leadership Program a Success

In the late 1990s, I searched the internet (yes, it existed) to figure out what people meant by the relatively new concept of thought leadership connected to corporate branding. Since then, I’ve developed thought leadership campaigns for many global brands. And, today, nearly every B2B marketer uses thought leadership in their content marketing strategy. But … Read more

Marketing leadership: The dangers of ego

Earlier this year, I shared four leadership lessons to help people be more effective in leading their teams. Lesson 2 had an important element to servant leadership: “Check your ego at the door.” Egotism can be a killer of relationships Sometimes, there can be a fine line between self-confidence and egotism. The former is a … Read more

How Story Packages Help Scale SME-Driven Thought Leadership Content

You know that feeling when you’re watching a movie, and a character suddenly starts explaining things in so much detail you find yourself pulled entirely out of the story? You experienced an “info dump.” And I bet you didn’t like it. The most familiar movie info dumps usually involve the villain explaining their entire plan … Read more