Company Culture Importance Rises – Content Marketing Institute

Every company has a culture, but only the successful have the ability to change theirs. New research points to a lot of companies knowing they need to get better but failing to address the one key component. This week, B2B marketing research firm Ascend2 released new research with the Arbinger Institute – Creating a High-Performance … Read more

Google Restructures Company To Prioritize Bard AI Chatbot

CNBC reports that Google is reorganizing the management hierarchy within its virtual assistant division—Assistant—to concentrate on Bard. Last week, Google introduced Bard, its ChatGPT competitor, to the public as an experimental project. Previous reports indicate Google has been reallocating team members from various departments to concentrate on Bard as part of a “code red” effort. … Read more

Why you should invest in branded keywords even if your company ranks #1 on Google

Search marketing is generally seen as a core tactic within digital marketing programs. Capturing the intent of users actively searching your products or solutions is a no-brainer, right? What seems like a simple question can often be complicated. Whether it’s due to budget-constrained environments or the brand having a stellar SEO team, I’ve fielded the … Read more